Monochrome - Beads of Rice Bracelet - Stainless Steel


Are you looking for a way to complement your modern classic or beloved vintage watches with a cool retro bracelet? Or simply want to enjoy the style of the seventies? Look no further, as we have the perfect solution for you: the 7-row Beads of Rice style bracelet!

The origins of the Beads of Rice bracelets go back to middle of the 20th century, and can be found on a wide range of watches. Anything from early dive watches to vintage chronograph’s were once worn on such a bracelet. Even today it can be found in the catalogues of many brands, for its pure retro style and charm. It’s also a hugely popular alternative to leather and rubber straps, to enhance the vintage look of your watches.  

Our 7-row Beads of Rice Style bracelet comes in a fully polished finish with a brushed folding buckle. We have two sizes available: 155mm max length (Normal) or 180mm max length (Long). The width is 20mm at the straight endlink, which tapers to 16mm for the rest of the bracelet. The buckle allows for six incremental adjustments of 3mm each. Push pins are not included.

Length: 155mm max length (Normal) or 180mm max length (Long)

Width: 20mm at the endlinks

Adjustable in six 3mm steps

Finish: fully polished links, with a brushed folding buckle

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